Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 6th, 2015: Power Outage

This week I have really focused on the language. I have realized that learning the language should be my top priority because without knowing the language I can't teach the people. I am actually getting really close to my language mastery and I am hoping to have the paper back from my Mission President by Christmas. I can teach the first three lessons pretty well now but the commandments and laws and ordinances are hard to explain in Pohnpeian. I do truly love this language though. There are some really cool things when you translate them to English. If you translate Charity it is Perfect Love, if you translate Family Home Evening it is Eternal Family. If you translate Temple it is Holy Mansion. There are lots of really cool things that when you translate them they are super simple but really are true. I think sometimes people overcomplicate things and don't really understand or focus on the basic meaning or basic goal of things. In General Conference they talked a lot about "Simplifying our Discipleship". I have really been trying to work on that and have been really trying to take the simple approach and work off of that. Really a mission makes you appreciate the simple things, the things that are looked passed and not noticed. Like the gift of family, friends, and parents. Being apart from all of that really make you realize how important they are and how much you love them. Every time I start to get homesick it is almost like a new boost of adrenaline. When I think of how much I love my family and love my home I think of all those that think that death is the end. That there is no life after this life and that they will only be with their family for their time on earth. It really makes me want to help them learn that there is something more than this Earth. Something that is so amazing and eternal. All too often people think that our time here on Earth is long, hard, and sometimes wonder if it's worth it. When you realize that eternity has no end, it is not measured in years and cannot be measured. I think that a long time from now we will look back at our time here on Earth and realize how easy it really was. We only had to endure hardships for a short time to receive eternal blessings. Coming to an Island where the people get a 20lbs bag of rice and that is their food for a month, has really helped me realize just how good our lives really are. The people here live on either concrete slabs with rusty metal roofs or live on soggy plywood that can barely hold their weight. The house that we live in is a mansion compared to the houses of the locals. Yet compared to houses in America it is a dump. Being in a place where the people have so little, a place where the people are thankful for the smallest things like being able to make it through one more week with their family. It really makes you appreciate how much excess people have in America and how they are always wanting more. I feel like I am always asking for more when these people have nothing. I've noticed that my prayers have really changed from asking God to bless me to learn or to do this or that to be prayers to help the people. To help them grow their testimony and to really listen to us. In my letter to President Zarbock I talked about how being on a mission you are always trying to help others and always praying for others. In the end those people end up helping you more than you helped them. I say this a lot but in the past little while I have learned more about life in general and how to live on your own, but what’s more important than that is I've learned how to take care of myself spiritually. Instead of just sitting in sacrament and not really listening, I now listen intently because I might miss something. I now read my scriptures because I want to learn something, not just to say I read them. I've really come to understand the why behind things and my life has changed because of it. I would like all of you to pick up The Bible, The Book of Mormon, D&C, or Pearl of Great Price and just read. Read until you feel like reading. I promise you that as you read you will see how the things are
applicable to our life. Those books are not just things that our Church believes in, they are help from God. All the miracles that had to happen for them to come about and all the things they talk about and help us with really are amazing. We really do take them for granted. God is our Heavenly Father. He really does love us and wants to help us. He has given us so much help and help that is straight from Him. I have come to love the Bible and Book of Mormon. They really are truly books not of this Earth. God knew that sometimes we wouldn't accept His help, so He had prophets write it down so when we were ready we could receive help. I know that God loves us and He knows us. His hand is always stretched out and all we have to do it accept His help. I love you all and I know our Father in Heaven loves you all. Until we meet again -Elder Hanson

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