Sunday, July 17, 2016

May 8th, 2016: Mother's Day Skype & Baptism

This week was a good week with not one but two cherries on top. The first was that Dephney Johnathan got baptized on Saturday and it all went really well. This baptism was a lot more peaceful and less stressful. Everything went really, really well and we even had some investigators show up and had some other investigators from another area come. It was just a great peaceful and awesome event. I loved it so much. Dephney was so prepared and we worked through permission and helped her work towards baptism. I'm so grateful that she was baptized and that she made that decision to be baptized.
The second cherry was being able to talk to my family for Mother’s Day. I do feel bad for all the other missionaries in the world because I have the best family ever! It’s crazy how fast time flies and how fast people grow up. I feel like I Skyped last week and now I did it again. Seriously just hearing people’s voices again is the weirdest thing. I hope that I have a little bit of an accent by the next time so that it will be even weirder for my family.
So for this week I want to catch all of you up on our investigators. Our most progressing is the Joseph family. The father is the equivalent of the young men's president but he is really interested in learning. The only thing is that he is so set in just believing that we just need to have faith to be saved and that's it. He is so close to just getting over the hump and working towards baptism. His daughters however are awesome. Kimberli, his older daughter, Diana, the next oldest, then Percy, and Karaleena, all are super interested and Kimberli and Percy are on date for baptism. I think that we will start to try to focus on the daughters and work on him after they are baptized. Our next investigator is Etuel, pronounced (Edge-u-al). He is a really smart really cool 21 year old kid. He is married to one of our less active members and lives with her family who are also all members. We have been working with him and finally got him really hooked on the Book of Mormon. Earnest Daniel is an 8 year old who lives with our Unit Leader and he wants to be baptized. We have permission from his mother and they all want him to be baptized. However the mother is set on "I've been baptized Catholic so I will die Catholic". I know that as she sees her son be baptized that she will realize that this church is the only church that has priesthood authority from God. For now those are our most progressing, even though we have some others who are progressing as well. We have dropped a lot of people but have been doing a lot of finding and helping members. I am excited for this area, we are starting to become really good friends with the members and they are starting to come out and help us and do their own missionary work. I love my mission. I can't wait to see all of you again. It was awesome to see all of you and hear your voices. I love you all and miss you so much, but I know that these people will miss their families a lot more if they aren't sealed together. I hope that you don't take your family for granted and tell them you love them and show it every day. I love you all!

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