Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 1st, 2017: New Years on Guam

This week was a great week with an awesome ending. To start off we had an exchange with the Nett Elders which was really good. Elder Jenkins from my intake serves there and I got to spend some time with him and talk to him which was really good. After that we had an awesome district meeting and then pretty much started getting ready to go to Guam. Because it's the end of the year there were a lot of things that we had to get ready so we could bring them to Guam.We had to take care of a lot of car things, leases on houses, and a lot of other random things. Finally on Saturday we left for Guam. The beginning of every month all the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders from all the islands go to Guam and have Mission Leadership Council. We were supposed to leave at about 3 but our flight was delayed until almost 7 so we didn't get to Guam until really late. When we got there everyone had already gone shopping at all the American stores and had already gone to McDonalds so we got off with no time and no food. It was a rough start but I really loved it. We got there and were able to talk and meet with all the Elders. It was really cool to see the Zone Leaders from the other islands and learn about their islands. I love being able to talk to other Elders and really just get to know the mission. After talking to all the Elders till New Years we opened the door to hear how Guam would celebrate it and one thing we weren't expecting was gunshots. There were people shooting their guns and stuff which was very amusing to a house full of Elders as you can imagine and lots of fire works. After that we woke up, went to church in the Barrigada Ward and after church we went to President Zarbock's house and started our meeting. We received a training that we will be relaying to our Zones and then after talked about our Zones. Our Zone did amazing this year! We had a goal of 100 baptisms and just barely missed it with 96. I was so proud of our Zone and the work that they did. After that we had dinner made by Sister Zarbock which was really, really good and then went to the Mission Office, got any needs that we needed and called our islands to get numbers for the week. After that we got to talk and have fun together and it was just really amazing. I love this mission so much! I really, really want to just stay here forever! 

These last couple of weeks have really shown me how much I love my Father in Heaven, my Savior, my family, my missionaries, and the people around me. God has blessed me so much in my life and there is really no way for me to repay Him. The only thing at least in my mind that I can do is show my appreciation and share it with others. 
I love you all and I hope you had a Great Christmas and an Amazing New Year! I know that Christ Lives and that He leads His church TODAY and every day through our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I know that there are so many blessing that people, including myself, in the church take for granted and don't realize the gravity of these things. I love you all and pray for you daily. 
Happy Holidays
and remember to 
Elder Hanson

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