Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 3rd, 2016: A Baptism in the New Area

This coming week will be our first baptism in this area. When we first came into this area we didn't have much to work with but now this area is looking up. If all goes as planned we will have a baptism every week in April. I don't know if I could ask for a better birthday present. This week we really helped Johnny prepare for baptism. We are reviewing everything with him and helping him prepare. It was a cool experience to have him tell us about when he told his Mother and Sister. His Mother lives in America and is a member. He is actually the last person in his family to be baptized and he was always the most disobedient and always got in trouble. He told us that when he skyped his Mom she started crying and told him how she was so glad he finally let God into his life. Even though he is a 40 year old man she said, how she was glad that "her little boy is coming home". It was actually really cool to see him tell us about that because before we met him he had done a lot of things that he regrets. Just like Andero, he had taken the wrong road so many times he finally realized the right road. What was even more cool was when he got to skype his sister, who is from this area, who I also got to meet in Guam when I went to train, and is now serving in Guam. She also cried when he called and she told him that he had to come give us a big hug because she wasn't there. It's cool to see the "black sheep" of the family come home and to help him "become white as snow". It's amazing to see the power of the atonement working in the lives of our investigators and to see them change for the better. I'm so grateful to be able to come to this mission and to help my brother and sisters return back to our ETERNAL HOME. One thing that has really helped our members to help us out is to help them realize that we will come and go, but they will stay in the area till they die. We are not there to lead the work but to help them with THEIR work. I promise you that if you want a safe, Holy place to raise your children, and you show it through your missionary efforts, God will give you the peace and comfort you want and need. The world is a sick place, and we have the cure. It only makes sense that we share it with all those who want it or even with those who might not realize they need it. I know I didn't comprehend the greatness of this Gospel until I saw it work on my investigators. Now I realize, that the Gospel is the cure to every illness and sorrow of this life. It is the antidote for fear, sorrow, pain, and fatigue. It helps us keep going and know our goal. So I would ask you, what is your end goal? How do you plan on getting there? And, are you working towards it now? If not, start NOW.
Elder Hanson

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