Monday, March 28, 2016

March 27th, 2016: Goodly Parents, Friends and People

No sadly this week we didn't have a baptism but we now have 5 people on date that are actually working towards it. Johnny is our closest investigator and he never ceases to amaze me. The last couple Sundays he has been helping his neighbors out with a fundraising barbecue, not for any special reason, just so they can have more money. It has been something I was going to talk about in the next lesson or two but when we went to teach him the other day he told us that he realized that Sunday is the Lords day and that he needs to rest and remember all that Jesus did for us and "give the day to God". It seriously made me so happy when he said that because he truly is feeling the Spirit to the point where we don't really have to do anything, we really are his guides. Also this week we met with an investigator in Paleng area, who was preparing for baptism before the sisters moved out and is so ready. We had one lesson with her and realized that she really could get baptized this week. We just have to get permission from her mother which is the hard part of a lot of investigators. I am so grateful for all the things that are happening in this area. It truly is a manifestation of exact obedience. Even today on our way to town to email, we saw a tree that fell in the road that we had to drive around. Instead of just driving past we pulled over and moved it out of the way. Then five minutes later a car was broken down in the middle of the road. We pulled over to help them as well and helped them change a tire and push their car to the side of the road. As we were helping them the people were whispering how we were really nice and how "I haven't seen missionaries like this before". It was really cool to hear that and it was a tender mercy. I also thought of how missionaries do things like that all the time, but maybe people were "blind" and couldn't see the good, or didn't want to see the good. It was another testament that the Spirit takes the truth "unto" the hearts of men, not "into". That has always been a hard thing for me, to know what will help these people in their lives, us willing to and ready to give it, but them rejecting it. I know that one day, everyone will know, and will not be able to deny that Jesus is the Christ. That God the Eternal Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove and that through him THEY restored the Fullness of the Gospel. I'm so grateful that I was born in the truth and that I didn't have to go looking for answers. I hope that we all realize the blessings of the Lord, even simple ones like "being born of goodly parents". I'm so very grateful for my Earthly and Heavenly Parents. I'm eager for the day when all we be revealed, the veil will be lifted and all will be clear. Then Faith becomes Fact, Barriers of belief become windows of wonder, the fog of the world becomes clear as day. Until that day, we must "press on in the work of the Lord". Of that I fully intend to do till the day I die. I hope you all will choose now, what you want from this life, if nice cars and big houses are necessary, or a family that will make it through the great and last day, TOGETHER. I'm glad I was born of "goodly parents" and of goodly friends. I hope that I have been a goodly friend and son to all of you. I know I am not perfect, but I can be perfect at trying. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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