Monday, March 28, 2016

February 21st, 2016: I Almost Died Again!

I was debating if I wanted to tell people because I'm pretty sure my Mom has a mini heart attack every time but I feel like it was a cool story and we learned a lot from it. Also I don't know how many missionaries can say that before they hit their 6 month mark they almost died twice ;) Anyway we drove up this really steep hill to go to one of our investigators houses. It has a really pretty view that is way up high over the ocean and there is an island that you can see as well. After finding out that our investigator wasn't there we were backing up to go see another investigator. The road is on the side of a steep mountain and as we were doing our 20 point turn to turn around we went a little bit too far over and the front tires got stuck. It was neither one of ours fault but just something that happened. As we tried backing up we realized that we were high centered and that's why our tires couldn't get any traction. We got out and asked a local for a shovel and started digging. After trying and failing to get it by ourselves we started asking people for help. We had about 7 people there all helping us dig out under the car and help push the car up so it didn't go sliding down the 80ish foot hill. On top of being stuck it started to pour rain while we were trying to work which made us work faster so we didn't become part of a mud slide. After working for about an hour we realized we needed more people. After getting our old branch president and his family and another car of random people coming to help us we finally were able to get out. As we were driving away I was talking to our member present (church member that sits in on discussions) and I said, "What just happened back there is alot like missionary work, you can try and try and try to help people become baptized and escape the slippery slope of life, but you can't do it alone. You need the help of members to lift them up and support them."

Even though it was a scary situation the whole time I never felt scared. I thought that night and thought of why I didn't see how I could have died and why I didn't realize the danger. Then I remembered back to the blessing I was given as I was set apart that promised me that as I worked hard that the elements wouldn't hurt me and that I would return to my family safe. Priesthood blessings have taken on a whole new meaning as I have come to realize the power that priesthood has. But just like with missionary work you need more than just one person. My whole mission thus far has been one miracle after another. I don't know why things happen the way they do or why crazy things happen on Pohnpei, all I know is that God protects his servants.

You all might not be wearing the name badge and be on some remote island but your attitude is your name tag. So many people look at us because we are missionaries and we stand out with our white shirt and ties and slacks on an island where clothes are sometimes a commodity. Though we stand out sometimes it’s the people that are the silent example that help the most. One of our investigators actually ASKED us to be baptized. We asked him why he wanted to be baptized so much and he said because he sees others who are baptized and changed and he wants to be like that. Like I said earlier, your attitude is your name tag. I know that missionaries need the help of members. WE CAN NOT DO THIS WORK ALONE. I have seen the lives of my family and friends receive so many blessings as they help with the progression of this church. I would challenge you all to join the missionaries sometime this week. Ask them when they have an appointment and ask to join. Or at the very least ask them to do a FHE or ask them over for dinner. Missionaries can't do this work alone. We need your help!

-Elder Hanson


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