Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10th. 2016: Language Mastery

Language master!

Don't let the title fool you because I am in no respect a master of the beautiful language of Pohnpeian. I did however finally pass off all of the things to get my language mastery. I was really frustrated that I didn't get it by Christmas but I got it faster than most.

  This week was crazy and we had a lot of crazy cool spiritual lessons and experiences. The first spiritual lesson was with one of our investigators named Rosanne. Her daughter Roxanne is a member and she is really interested in the church and likes what we teach. We tried putting her on baptismal date the last lesson but she said she would have to think about it and pray. This lesson we did something we weren't planning on doing but it was totally spirit driven. We decided to just do a akis en kepese which means just getting to know them. Elder Hurst started and did an intro and a little story about why he went on a mission. Then I did the same and told about how when I was 3, I fell out the window and my dad gave me a blessing and I was healed. I know you've all probably heard that story at one point or another so I will move on. After I finished Rosanne talked about how her son had to go and have surgery and had to go all the way to the Philippines to get it. Then she mentioned how she could only see her son for 3 minutes before and after the surgery. She talked about how it was the most heart-breaking thing for her and how she wishes she could've spent more time. I related how that’s the same with God. How our prayers are usually only a couple of minutes and then we say Amen and we are done. I talked about how God is, He wants to talk to us and help us and make sure we are OK all the time and sometimes we don't give him the time that we need and the time He wants. Then we did an analogy that I really like which was that baptism is like a surgery, like the one her son had. Where her son even though he didn't know that he needed the surgery, the doctor knew and if the doctor did the surgery the child would be helped immensely and he would save his life. We talked about how God is the surgeon in our lives. That how, through His tool, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, He can work a miracle in our lives and take away all the bad in our lives and leave us with only the good. Then on top of that He gives us help or medicine like the Holy Ghost. That if we live worthy or take the medicine it will help us in our lives. The whole lesson was super spiritual and we could all really feel the spirit. After the lesson Elder Hurst talked about how that was one of the most spiritual lessons he's had on his mission and it was literally a perfect lesson, not because we did what preach my gospel says or what any book says but we followed the spirit and really listened to our investigator. 

Another one really led to my life being saved. All day we had been receiving a certain referral and we just kept saying we will see him after our appointments that day. We were walking back from one referral to our car to go to another appointment when we got a text from one of the sisters in our zone. She asked if we would go see that very same referral because she felt like we needed to go see him. We decided to pray to see if we needed to go to the referral or go to our appointment. We got the impression that we needed to go to the referral which was up the hill from our house. So instead of driving down the hill to our next appointment we walked up the hill to the referral. About half way up the hill we heard a huge crash which scared us but we kept walking. Right after that a guy called us over and we started talking to him. It turns out that he used to get taught by missionaries and that he knew what they taught was true. Now that the missionaries had left he really wants to feel good again and feel like he felt then. He also told us that the referral we wanted to go see wasn't home so we walked back down to our house. On our
way out to our appointment we had to help move a huge tree that had fallen on the road. That loud crash from earlier was a huge tree falling. We didn't think much of it besides just a huge tree fell. Then as we were driving all the dots connected and we realized that if we had gone to our appointment we would have been right under that tree when it fell and we could've been dead right now. As soon as we realized what God had done for us we pulled over and thanked Him as much as we could. 
It was really a huge testimony builder to see how God had been preparing us all day to listen to the Spirit and how He was preparing to work a miracle in our lives. 
I'm so very grateful for the gift of the Spirit and what an indispensable gift it is. Without it, missionary work would simply cease to work, and mankind would be lost in this dark world. I would urge you all to kneel down and thank God for the Gift of the Holy Ghost, something I have taken for granted and I think we all have at some point. It truly is our Heavenly Father looking out for us during our time here on Earth. I know that God lives and helps us every day. I've really noticed the little miracles that happen every day in our lives and I know that I am on the right side. I love you all and hope all is well and that the Spirit will guide you through hard times. I love you so much but it's only a fraction of how much God loves you all. I know He lives and loves us. In the name of our Brother, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

-Elder Hanson

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