Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 24th, 2016: I'm Teaching an Apostle

 Now that you all are hooked and wanting to read my email I really am teaching an Apostle, but he may or may not be of a different religion. In the Protestant church they have Apostles and they are the equivalent of a Bishop in the LDS church. He is a Wohnpoaron in the Pros and we actually didn't know that until our 3rd lesson with him. He was really interested and asked lots of questions and really liked what we teach. He is one of the nicest people here and every time we go he gives us sugar cane, which is delicious or ohch which is bananas. It's so amazing to see how people are prepared by God. I can see that he is a spiritual man and that his relationship with God is strong and true. As we have been teaching him he says that although he never knew about some of the stuff we teach it all feels right. He and his wife are one of the coolest and strongest couples that I've seen. They always build off of each other and they truly love each other. The other day we asked him to be baptized, and after thinking for a couple minutes of spiritual silence, he turned to his wife. I can only imagine the thoughts that were going through their minds as they tried to see if the other person felt the way the other felt. At the time the wife hadn't received a testimony of what we taught and still treated us a little like the "enemy". Every time we go to teach them I can see her mortal person will start to give way to the spirit of truth that is exploding inside her. When Rodger looked back at us he said, "Right now I can't give you a for sure answer, there are lots of things that I have to do to make sure that this is right and what God wants me to do." Even though it wasn't a yes it felt like was. If you think about the situation and our relationship it really is amazing. Two 18-20 year old kids go to this 65+ year old that's the equivalent of a Bishop of another religion, saying that there’s more to what you believe and what you know,  here let us teach you. His whole life revolves around his calling in the Protestant church and to even think about baptism is life changing for him. I can tell that he has felt the spirit and continues to feel it as we go and teach him. I know that there are lots of things that have to happen before he gets baptized but I know without a doubt that eventually he will be baptized. He truly is a servant of God and did what he thought was best, now that he has felt that this is what God wants him to do, I know he will follow. It is amazing to think that the spirit works on everyone, even celebrities, presidents, kings, everyone! All it takes is to feel the spirit at the right time and to be humble enough to change. I will always remember the Tom family and for their love and acceptance, even though I was not in the area when they were baptized I know that they will be happy and I will be happy for them. Baptism is the first fruit of repentance and it truly is a fruit. It leaves us clean and pure and on top of that it gives us the opportunity to have with us the gift of the Holy Ghost when we live worthy of it. What a great gift that is that I think I took for granted for so long. I know that for at least myself, the sacrament has taken on a whole new meaning. I see it clearer now and see it as the miracle and the promise that we renew each week. It truly is amazing and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I have to renew my covenants each week. I hope you all will do the same.  
-Elder Hanson

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